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Certification Group Build Times

  • Monday: 4 - 7 pm Lead: Juan Farias
  • Tuesday: 2 - 5 pm Lead: Kelsea Sadler
  • Saturday: 2 - 5 pm Lead: Zach Ralstin
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    Who we are:

    We are a student-run amateur rocketry group at the University of Texas at Austin. Our mission is to enhance undergraduate education by applying classroom knowledge to design, build, and launch our own rockets.

    What we do:

    Build rockets—what else? The LRA is composed of two main groups each semester, High-Power Teams and Certification Groups. Members can choose each semester whether to build a level 1 rocket, advanced rocket, or be part of an advanced high power team. Previous high-power team rockets can be found on our Rockets page. The LRA attends monthly launches with the Austin Area Rocketry group in Hutto, Texas (unless we require a waiver over 10,000ft). Pictures and video of our most recent launch are on our Facebook page.

    Additionally, LRA is involved in many outreach events geared toward getting young kids interested in the field of aerospace engineering. We participate in UT's "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day", Explore UT, and several other events throughout the year.

    Getting Involved

    If all this sounds like fun and you'd like to get in on the action, feel free to drop by one of our meetings. The meetings are on most Fridays at 5:00pm in WRW 113. Check out the 'Group Files' link on the left to get more information on our sub-groups.